Test Alt Tag Retalix is a leader on the RIS Software Leaderboard.
Channel Partners
Tesco to Begin Deployment of the Retalix 10 Store Suite
Tesco to Realize Enhanced Business Agility, Increased Flexibility and Reduced TCO


Channel Partners
Retalix was again named to the RIS Software Leaderboard, a primary resource for retailers.
We are proud to be consistently ranked among the top software and professional services providers in the world.



Channel Partners
Australia's Coles Express Deploys Store, Headquarters and Loyalty Software From Retalix
Convenience Retailer to Realize Benefits of Enhanced Customer Service and Optimized Operations

Channel Partners
Retalix Mobile Shopper to Offer a Compelling Shopper Experience on the go
New Offering to Empower Retailers With Versatile Mobile Apps for the Shopper to Use Outside or Inside the Store, Aimed at Enhancing Shopper Engagement and Increasing Sales

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About Us

Retalix is the #1 supplier of retail technology for independent grocers and regional chains, also providing outstanding solutions for independent convenience store operators.  Through our North American network of Channel Partners, Retalix offers a one-stop resource for independents needing cost-effective solutions that level the technology playing field with the industry giants.

Retalix offers integrated and packaged retail technologies that help independents increase their shopper service and overall competitiveness while dramatically lowering their total cost of technology ownership.  And our powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) financial model for electronic payments and other applications makes cutting-edge technology far more affordable and manageable for independents.

In the past, technologies such as self-checkout, or centralized loyalty were available only to major chains with large internal IT shops.  Only Retalix performs all these integration tasks in advance, packaging our comprehensive technology offerings for plug-and-play installation.   

Just as important, you will leverage the full advantage and benefits of working with your local dealer.  Retalix’s network of Channel Partners understands local market needs and provides outstanding IT service and support to more than 10,000 stores throughout North America.

Independent grocers have been waiting years for a true technology partner. With Retalix, the wait is over.

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