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How Data Staging Drives Supply Chain Excellence

How Data Staging Drives Supply Chain Excellence

How much does it cost you to correct bad data once it’s been entered into your ERP system?

Believe it or not, the cost follows the 1:10:100 rule:
•    Verifying data initially as it is first entered into the ERP system costs an average of $1
•    Correcting the data afterwards costs businesses an average of $10
•    The ongoing cost of doing nothing to correct the data carries an average cost of $100 to your company

This is because bad data perpetuates more bad data and poor decision-making abilities. It can lead to incorrect ordering, poor customer satisfaction, inaccurate product information and lack of compliance.

Retalix Data Staging eliminates these concerns by validating all data entered into your ERP system, while seamlessly managing the integration of this data across every aspect of your organization. Data is no longer keyed into siloed systems and then manually fixed only after problems are discovered. Data — from any source including industry data pools such as FSE or One–Sync — is passed through stringent standards so you pull in only the most accurate, most relevant information for your organization.

We invite you to join us for our webinar on July 17th at 11 a.m. Central titled How Data Staging Drives Supply Chain Excellence where we will explore how our data staging solution can help businesses like you:
•    Improve data accuracy
•    Reduce operating costs
•    Speed time-to-market of new items

For questions regarding the webinar or Data staging, please contact your Retalix Account Executive or David Feaster, Retalix Product Solutions Manager at 1-386-308-0155 or

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