"Prior to the IT upgrade, PetroChina retail operations were dependent upon many manual procedures. We realized the need for technology partners like Retalix to help us enhance our IT systems in an effort to better manage our rapid growth and expansion, and to sharpen our competitive edge,"
- Wang Bo, vice president of PetroChina Sales Company
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Fuel Management

Political change and economic climate are known to bear adverse effects on fuel prices and availability. As gasoline prices soar, convenience stores and other fuel vendors need to carefully control their operations and maintain the highest possible fuel management efficiency.
Retalix’s Fuel offering addresses this challenge by providing a comprehensive fuel station automation solution designed to efficiently manage and control all forecourt activities. The solution supports price change control, competitor tracking, wet and dry product sales and wet stock inventory management. It is deployed in over 30,000 fuel retail sites around the world and is the leading solution for fuel retailers.

Retalix Fuel seamlessly integrates with Retalix store systems in general and with Retalix POS solutions in particular, enabling fuel retailers to take full advantage of Retalix’s Customer and Marketing suite to create cross-format promotional programs, as in offering customers to receive grocery coupons as a reward for fueling. The solution also provides retailers with support for a broad range of payment methods, reporting tools and head office applications, as well as for any conceivable convenience store- and fuel-related activity.

The Fuel Management offering is comprised of these key products:

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