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Tesco to Begin Deployment of the Retalix 10 Store Suite
Tesco to Realize Enhanced Business Agility, Increased Flexibility and Reduced TCO


Retalix was again named to the RIS Software Leaderboard, a primary resource for retailers.
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Australia's Coles Express Deploys Store, Headquarters and Loyalty Software From Retalix
Convenience Retailer to Realize Benefits of Enhanced Customer Service and Optimized Operations

Retalix Mobile Shopper to Offer a Compelling Shopper Experience on the go
New Offering to Empower Retailers With Versatile Mobile Apps for the Shopper to Use Outside or Inside the Store, Aimed at Enhancing Shopper Engagement and Increasing Sales

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Procurement & Supplier Management

Rapidly evolving retail and wholesale industry circumstances have been calling for an ever-increasing collaborative business approach. Consequently, relationships between retailers, wholesalers and suppliers are becoming true partnerships, with all parties benefiting significantly from the increased visibility and just-in-time planning capabilities afforded by close collaboration.

With Retalix’s Procurement and Supplier Management offering, retailers and wholesalers can now take full advantage of such strategies as investment buying and demand-based forecasting. They can also fully capitalize on supplier promotion opportunities. The result – optimized supplier relationships and savings that directly impact retailers’ bottom line.

Retalix Procurement and Supplier Management comprises a set of integrated solutions designed to help retailers manage retail item lifecycles end-to-end. Retalix Supplier Management, for example, supports thousands of retail stores and wholesale customers worldwide by optimizing inventory flows, improving customer service and reducing holding costs. The solution consolidates store, warehouse and distribution center inventory management while providing full inventory visibility and optimizing supply chains in their entirety.

The Procurement & Supplier Management offering is comprised of these key products:

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