"We are delighted with our choice of the Retalix 10 Store Suite, which we plan to implement in all of our stores worldwide. Retalix 10 will form the foundation of our store technology."
- Mike McNamara, CIO, Tesco
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Retalix 10 Store & Sales Channels Suite

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The global retail market has matured a great deal and has consequently become highly competitive. At the same time, the entire retail industry has been witnessing a shift of power from suppliers to shoppers. On top of all this, economic uncertainty has been placing increasing pressure on retailers to reduce TCO, all while enhancing IT agility and accelerating time-to-market.

Designed specifically to address these challenges and leveraging a single, integrated and uniquely powerful software engine, the innovative next-generation Retalix 10 Store and Sales Channel suite unifies and streamlines deployment and management of in-store, mobile commerce and online storefront systems. It serves as a seamless platform that ensures superior, consistent and personalized shopping experience across all customer touchpoints and sales channels.

Retalix 10 supports Point of Sale, self-checkout, self-scanning, information kiosks, mobile commerce and e-commerce, as well as a range of store and chain management applications. It boosts brand differentiation through targeted promotions and loyalty programs throughout all touchpoints.

The solution’s agile architecture enables retailers to break away from the practice of integrating disparate ‘silos’ and migrate to a unified, single engine platform for the highest flexibility, the fastest possible time-to-market and outstanding centralized management, monitoring and control.

Retalix 10’s architecture opens up a new world of high retailer versatility and significantly reduced TCO by accommodating a variety of deployment options. It enables retailers to freely choose whether to mix and match select Retalix 10 platform components in ‘thin store’ or ‘thin POS’ scenarios, or carry out comprehensive implementations with in-store Retalix 10 servers and full cloud retail readiness. Even better, Retalix 10 allows retailers to start small, then grow and migrate to more complex and powerful deployment models, with existing and new investments seamlessly integrated side-by-side.

Retalix 10 is no mere POS software offering. It is the only enterprise-grade retail platform in the world. One that ultimately addresses the most pressing retailer challenges and ensures readiness for future market transformation and growth across the entire retail chain. 

The Retalix 10 Store & Sales Channels Suite offering is comprised of these key products:

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