"Customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities, and due to its age, our previous POS system was not effectively meeting those needs. We chose Retalix because their StoreLine offering was the most robust and intuitive solution available on the market—giving us needed flexibility as we continually expand our customer service efforts."
- Mike Metz, VP of Information Technology,Tops
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Retalix StoreLine is a fully integrated, open architecture and modular store and touch point solution for multiple format supermarket, grocery chains and other high volume, high complexity retailers of fast moving consumer goods. Designed specifically to cater to the needs of high tier chains that frequently introduce new formats and added services, StoreLine provides retailers with a uniquely comprehensive array of retail management and operational capabilities.

Known for its unparalleled resilience and robustness, Retalix StoreLine provides interfaces to enterprise systems and third-party applications, as well as to payment service providers, and optionally offers such front office functionality as cash, catalog, promotion and employee management. The solution features full multilingual support and accommodates multiple currencies and taxation formats for global deployments.

Running on the popular Microsoft Windows platform, Retalix StoreLine’s client/server architecture is completely hardware independent. The solution supports a broad range of open and proprietary hardware devices, including full-screen customer displays, color touchscreens, scanners and a variety of checkout terminal and scale types. We also offer StoreLine customers smooth migration to Retalix 10, the company’s next generation store and sales channel suite.


The StoreLine offering is comprised of these key products:

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