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Tesco to Begin Deployment of the Retalix 10 Store Suite
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Australia's Coles Express Deploys Store, Headquarters and Loyalty Software From Retalix
Convenience Retailer to Realize Benefits of Enhanced Customer Service and Optimized Operations

Retalix Mobile Shopper to Offer a Compelling Shopper Experience on the go
New Offering to Empower Retailers With Versatile Mobile Apps for the Shopper to Use Outside or Inside the Store, Aimed at Enhancing Shopper Engagement and Increasing Sales

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Loyalty & Promotion-as-a-Service

Today’s customers are smart and well informed, contributing to an increasingly competitive retail market. Securing customer loyalty is more vital than ever before, with a great many retailers seeking to establish rewards programs as a means of strengthening their relationships with shoppers and influencing their daily purchasing habits. And yet, loyalty and promotion programs can be complex and costly, and may demand sizeable upfront investments.

Retalix’s Loyalty & Promotion as a Service helps sidestep these potential hurdles, with its cloud-based architecture enabling retailers to rapidly and effortlessly implement effective programs that enhance shopper retention, and impact customers’ habits so as to increase spend. Better yet, the solution does all this while requiring minimal capital expenses, with its scalable nature allowing retailers to start small and grow as they go.

Loyalty & Promotion as a Service grants in-depth insight into purchasing history and trends, assisting retail chains’ marketing teams in segmenting customers, devising offer management and loyalty strategies, and creating personalized promotions and coupons suitable for delivery across multiple channels. The solution makes it easier than ever before for retailers to manage a broad range of marketing initiatives that span multiple retail enterprises, shopping channels and touch points. It essentially delivers omni-channel shopper experience that contributes greatly to enhanced customer satisfaction, mindshare and loyalty.

How Can It Help You? What Makes It Unique?
  • Increased customer loyalty through comprehensive marketing management across multiple channels and touch points
  • Enhanced sales performance via intimate acquaintance with customers enabling truly personalized promotions
  • Affordable and easy to implement via SaaS cloud delivery
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