Test Alt Tag Retalix is a leader on the RIS Software Leaderboard.
Tesco to Begin Deployment of the Retalix 10 Store Suite
Tesco to Realize Enhanced Business Agility, Increased Flexibility and Reduced TCO


Retalix was again named to the RIS Software Leaderboard, a primary resource for retailers.
We are proud to be consistently ranked among the top software and professional services providers in the world.



Australia's Coles Express Deploys Store, Headquarters and Loyalty Software From Retalix
Convenience Retailer to Realize Benefits of Enhanced Customer Service and Optimized Operations

Retalix Mobile Shopper to Offer a Compelling Shopper Experience on the go
New Offering to Empower Retailers With Versatile Mobile Apps for the Shopper to Use Outside or Inside the Store, Aimed at Enhancing Shopper Engagement and Increasing Sales

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Retalix 10-as-a-Service

Retalix 10, Retalix’s innovative, next generation store and sales channel suite, is now available as a cloud-based service.
Retalix 10 as a Service empowers retailers to better serve consumers, while keeping costs down and pricing affordable. SaaS delivery effectively minimizes the cost of introducing new services by simplifying and streamlining operations and IT infrastructure management, reducing capital expenses and decreasing upfront investments.

Retailers implementing Retalix SaaS gain access to all Retalix 10 modules, all of which are delivered and deployed rapidly and easily from the cloud. With Retalix 10 As a Service, they can quickly implement all Retalix 10 customer-centric functionality — shopper touch points, store management, targeted promotions, customer loyalty and more—while enjoying the benefits of on-demand scalability and elasticity, as well as accelerated time-to-market.

Retalix 10 as a Service allows retailers to run the state of the art in secure and scalable applications, at minimum cost and with the fastest possible implementation.

How Can It Help You? What Makes It Unique?
  • Rapid deployment with high scalability enabling retailers to start small, then scale up as they grow
  • Reduced risk through avoidance of high capital investments
  • Streamlined operations and reduced overhead, with all implementation and maintenance aspects handled by Retalix
  • Increased operational consistency and flexibility via anywhere/anytime access to consolidated data
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